With only $20 USD once, anyone who wants to

always in the world to register in our program.


AKTIV get money by recommending our Dashboard.

PASSIVE get money through our automatism.


However, those who keep making money payments on their

HD wants to get account, can recommend by simple

build a good income.


Just click and see our workshops which explain everything and you will see at a glance what a chance you have!


Anyone in the world can visit the people online and offline.

Recommend our special program and everyone gets Money !

Worldwide Multilungual Marketplace


Our Multilungual Market Place offers a

special service for all members.


On this page Poeple can 

who have a business - companies run their business - companies present for free with a special offer!

They offer all Happy Donation members a discount on a purchase

in their shop - company.


For example:

A restaurant has a Happy Donation emblem from the outside and everyone who comes by or searches the net, sees that he gets a discount here as a member !

A win-win situation for everyone and that

for a one-time $20 registration!

Start EN.png

-  is a pure Mediation Platform,

-  mediates payments between participants,

-  and does not charge any fees.

Seite 1 EN.png

Happy Donation is being built worldwide and strictly monitored under

humanitarian law of the Points of view.

                                          Many processes have been automated on the new Platform.
                                           This ensures that growth can take place more efficiently.
                     Automatism will also help Partners who have difficulties building their own Teams.

english 1.png

We offer a program that can change your life and the lives of

many people around the world !

What is your task AFTER the start ?

Every member can recommend our unique program to your family, friends, co-workers, clubs, and everyone else.  Whether offline or online.

WHY ?  Everybody gets money when he registers !

ACTIVE everyone gets from his direct partners like the marketing plan says not only the 50% of the registration amount,

but also from every upgrade that your direct partner makes.

YOU can register as many partners as you want! All are placed in a 2 x 2 matrix.

If you are PASSIVE, i.e. you can't advertise or can't advertise,

you automatically get money due to the automated program. 

Please see the marketing plan and the workshop video.

But if you recommend our program, you can build up a

huge team that will bring you money !

You can register unlimited partners !

Millions of people worldwide are waiting for this chance to change their lives.

What can we change? Everyone has enough to eat for himself and his family !

People's lives will change as they can now live a better life through our

automated payouts of upgrades.

What do you have to lose ?   NOTHING !

What can you get ?  Lots of money !

What are you waiting for ?

Secure your position already now and address the person who shows this page to you.  

Send him his name and username as well as a valid e-mail address. 

The sponsor will contact you immediately !


So you can easily win new partners for your team, from everyone you register yourself, you get according to the marketing plan pro rata money.  50% and if upgrades are

made by these Partners later, in addition always his 50% - That's what comes together.

     You can register unlimited People worldwide every Day !


On this Page you can always see the current and

important Information.
Give the link to your Downline so everyone can get and

use the Information.

So all in the Downline get active or passive their money!

Here 5 $ go to GENDA and 15 $ go to the person on the matrix structure

above Goldex this is the upline from him.

The upline that appears in the structure when registering for Goldex.

Through the automatic placement,

the new partner is placed in the structure by the program.

And as you can see, through the Upliner really everyone gets money,

whether he wants it or not ...!!!

And I have directly registered the 2nd and also the children's hospital Susanne got

2 x 15 $ and automatically makes her upgrade and the money goes to her sponsor

50 % and 50 % to Susanne's Upline without that they get anything

from it automatically lightning fast .....

Imagine if all of them below enroll somebody what's going on in the system......


We have now finished the HD Shop for the purchase of credit. Here is the link:

The following procedure: Payment only via Paypal. The purchase is associated with fees, since HD now has a Paypal merchant account. After the payment the member receives an email with the request to indicate his user name on which the credit is to be loaded! After the reservation there is an info by email that the reservation is finished.

It is of course still possible for Europe to agree directly with the support to recharge the credit! There are no fees! Via the shop you can pay worldwide via Paypal!

HD Shop.png

Only registered members can

register new members !


So I can register you:


 Send your

   User Names:

   First and last Name:

   E-mail Address:

   Country :

    Send your data for registration

    the Person who shows you this Page

Your tipster will give you his Paypal or bank account and      you send him worldwide 20 $ or in EUROPE  20 Euro for registration. 

After receipt of payment I register you immediately

     in Happy Donation and send from


my HD account 20 $ in yours so that

your registration is complete ! -


This takes seconds internally !


    You will receive an e-mail which you have to confirm !

Connect with us on FACEBOOK and our Facebook Group :


Info Telegram  Chat   English:


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